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About Us

    Instructor - Stephen Murphy

    Steven Murphy began Mystics Athletic School in 1990 after teaching professionally since 1984.

    After beginning boxing in 1976, he studied Chinese Martial Arts and medicine by attending the Boston Kung Fu Tai Chi, Chinese Wu Shu Research and Oriental Culture Institutions. He also became certified in coaching competitive gymnastics on the North Shore as well as in California.

    Anyone interested in training with us must realize that this is not easy and it takes time. Our method of mind/body coordination transcends a physical "workout" and is often more about mental concentration.

    We are a peaceful "no fighting" school with Humility, Respect and Patience as core tenets. We teach self-defense and, more importantly, good character.

    You will enjoy making new friends and the many mystical experiences found here.

    Thank you for joining us.


    Wing Chun Wooden Man (4)
    Double end bag (4)
    Speed bag (6)
    Heavy bag (4)
    Tumbling mats
    Incline/Decline Mats
    Free weights
    Traditional weapons:
    Kwan Tao
    Straight Sword
    Chinese Daggers
    Fighting Flute
    Dragon Fan
    Chinese Spear
    Long Stick
    Short Stick
    Monkey Staff
    Hook Cane

    Where to find us

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